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About Venture

“How can we catch up by going slower?”

As an arts consultant, I hear this all the time from frustrated marketing professionals and executives. Equally frustrated board members do everything they can to improve the tools their administrators use, but it is rare to see an office with enough resources to compare with peer for profit groups. Shrinking budgets and cutbacks in staff following the economic downturn haven’t made the job any easier, but the demands have never been higher.


Venture is designed to tackle those problems head-on.

Venture takes all the great things people love about social networking software, collaboration software, and community software and makes those work for the arts business.


We combined the best features of open source content management platforms and purpose built applications to deliver a sophisticated next generation technology especially for the arts business – our business. When combined with our responsible business plan that leverages open source solutions to favor sustainability over blind profit margins, Venture will have the same impact on arts organizations that Henry Ford’s Model T had on the auto industry.

~Drew McManus; Founder and Principal, Venture Industries Online.

 From its inception, Venture has been designed as an off the shelf solution to promote everything an arts organization needs to design, launch, and manage their website, events management, email marketing, and metrics at a level equal to and even exceeding the results from traditional bespoke solutions that cost tens of thousands of dollars on up.

simple_globalA responsible, sustainable business model is at the heart of our organization. Venture combines the best features of open source content management platforms and purpose built applications to deliver a sophisticated next generation technology. All of this conspires to give Venture the capacity to have the same impact on arts organizations that Henry Ford’s Model T had on the auto industry.

economy of scaleTo that end, Venture’s sustainability only improves as additional users are added. Our business plan is designed around an economy of scale model that rejects the old out of sight, out of mind working relationship approach between developers and clients. Since Venture functions as a cloud based platform, it doesn’t matter if we have 1 or 100 users, ongoing maintenance and support demands increase at a fraction of the rate as capacity. And since the profit margins remain consistent, that means we’re able to redirect additional profit into keeping costs as null as possible while continuously improving and upgrading features and functionality.

message_likeAll of this means that Venture users get to have their cake and eat it too (without paying an arm and leg for it). And that’s the way it should be; there’s no reason you should accept anything less.

We reject predatory practices that gouge users in favor of a business model that embraces sustainability over blind profit margins. ~ Drew McManus; Principal, Venture Industries Online



From the New York Times to the Edmonton Globe and Mail.
Venture’s admin and user interface is designed by Drew McManus, the leading authority on arts organization websites. His work with performing arts web sites has been recognized in dozens of major media outlets and trade journals.



Support at every stage of your project.
Although we can provide a quote for direct project management, we still help all of our users evaluate and brainstorm ideas along with implementation at each step in the process.



Support channels go way beyond basic tech questions.
You won’t be wasting any of your precious time explaining to someone who doesn’t know ballet from Brahms why you need something to work a certain way.



No middle men here.
One of the real benefits of becoming a Venture user is direct access to all of our key members including our principal, Drew McManus.



Heatherstone: programming & updates

Based in Rockville MD, they are one of our Strategic Alliance Partners and know Venture inside and out. If you opt for having us do any custom programming, the folks at Heatherstone are the ones who will get it done.


WPEngine: hosting provider

Based in San Antonio, TX, WPE is known for being an enterprise class provider that does not outsource technical or support staff. They help keep your site safe and secure along with making sure it runs along with uncompromising up-time.


MailChimp: email marketing

With more than 4 million users they are the industry leading email marketing provider.

Incredible Support

1We provide a safety net of telephone and online support solutions that keep you in touch with our experts to create an environment that bridges social, cultural, & generational divides. All of which offers Gen Y a way to work that’s second nature while providing more experienced employees an accessible way to connect so you can maximize Venture’s full potential.

Power and Ease of Use

2We’re not solely tech gurus, we’re experts in the field of performing arts. This allows us to provide features and functionality which meet the unique needs of arts groups via an intuitive user interface that provides tremendous control. No one out there knows better what arts professionals need which makes Venture the ultimate force multiplier for arts organizations.

Supreme Quality and Value

3Doing more with less isn’t what you need to hear right now. So Venture capitalizes on the very best of cutting edge proprietary and open source technology solutions and when combined with a responsible business model that favors sustainability over blind profit margins, we deliver a platform that will do for arts groups what Henry Ford’s Model T did for the auto industry.


4We take playing nice with others to heart so Venture has been designed to be infinitely extensible and will seamlessly interface with thousands of applications and every major browser (including iPhone and iPad). We constantly update our core functionality so users are assured that they can always take advantage of the latest and greatest online standards.

Venture Industries Online was founded by arts consultant Drew McManus in 2010 and operates as a divisional designation of Drew McManus LLC. We’re headquartered in beautiful Chicago, IL.