Offering The Support You Deserve!

It’s tough out there in today’s economy. Most arts groups operate with a minimal staff so shrinking budgets and downsizing don’t make an already difficult job any easier. So we step up to the plate and provide a safety net of telephone and online support solutions that keep you in touch with our experts to create an environment that bridges social, cultural, & generational divides. All of which offers Gen Y a way to work that’s second nature while providing more experienced employees an accessible way to connect so you can maximize Venture’s full potential.

But there’s good news; Venture provides a system of telephone and email based support that guarantees you’ll get the maximum return for your efforts; we measure support board response times in minutes, not days. Our combination of telephone and email based support is designed to provide every member with rapid assistance during the times they need it most so you won’t be wasting precious time with scripted support calls.

Tailor Made Solutions

Tired of hearing “read the instructions” or “watch this video” in response to your help requests? Then you’re going to love Venture because we create customized instructions for each and every support inquiry.

That’s not a typo, we tailor each solution to the respective question.

This often includes visual aides with step by step instructions on what to do; we’ll even use the respective admin panel from your site to create visual aids so that your frame of reference is precisely what you need to not only solve your problem but build on your overall Venture skill sets.

Out mantra is “if it takes more than five minutes to figure out, just ask” and we mean it.

Experience it first hand and you’ll wonder why no one else does it this way. In fact, our service and support is the item our users mention the most when talking about Venture.

We create custom instructions for each support inquiry.

Incredible Support


We’ve been promised outstanding customer service so many times we don’t believe it, but Venture delivers it again and again and again.

~ Orchestra of the Swan

Access is restricted to members only; Pro users can enroll as many employees as they wish in training sessions while Standard members can select up to five employees per annual billing cycle. There are never any limits to how many questions you can ask and we’ll schedule as many training sessions as you need. We work to your learning curve, not the other way around.


  • Unlimited email support: you ask, we answer.
  • Custom solutions for each support inquiry; including step by step instructions with visual aids and even screencasts.
  • 30 day set-up telephone support (year-round for Pro users).
  • Pro users receive accelerated support queuing.

Don’t Settle For Anything Less


The support from Venture is beyond exceptional! Drew is always very quick to respond, eager to teach and always follows through to be sure ‘I got it’. Awesome service!

~ Akustiks

We’re more than just code geeks, we’re experts in the field of arts management so support channels go way beyond basic tech questions and you don’t have to waste time explaining to someone who doesn’t know ballet from Brahms why you need something to work the way you do. In fact, you’ll probably pick up more than a few great ideas from our steady stream of best-practice tips and showcasing what your peers are achieving with Venture.

Venture’s Solution Academy goes far beyond traditional support forum models by focusing on helping you turn creative ideas into actionable results; which means you spend less time asking “how do I fix this” and more time asking “what’s the best way I can make this idea work?”

Question: What kind of support does Venture offer?

Online support is unlimited and all questions submitted by 5:00pm CT are answered on the same day. But don’t worry, we’re never going to leave you hanging, if you have a bat-phone level emergency or are feeling overwhelmed, just write or call, we’ll be there to help and you won’t have to worry about getting nickel-and-dimed. All subscribers receive 30 days of unlimited telephone support to help you during the time when you’ll be busiest and year-round telephone support is available for Pro users.

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